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Hi, I'm Laura! 

I'm a Nashville based commercial and editorial photographer who always finds a way to work color into my assignments. LMK if you want to be added to my cat's newsletter ❤️ 


Phone: 540-904-9060

Commercial requests: The Luupe

Editorial licensing: Shutterstock

Select Clients and Publications:

90 Degree by Reflex, All Night Skate, American Songwriter, The Daily Mail, The Daily Shuffle, Deadline, Dona, Enlightened, Facebook/The Luupe, Forbes, Gothamist, Grumpy Magazine, The Guardian, Gunner, Hello Sunshine/ The Luupe, Hipster Kid, Inclusion TN, Informa, Jacto, Just Jared, Mussee Magazine, Narratively, NBC News, The New York Daily News, The New York Post, The New York Times, Numilk/The Luupe, Old Time Pottery, Opera on Tap, St. Francis House, Starchefs, Supernatural Kitchen, Time Out NY, Tumblr, Urban Cowboy, Variety, The Wall Street Journal

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Kelsey Crawford 

90 Degree by Reflex

Laura has always made all of our photography dreams come true. Whether it be in our NYC studio or in the home studio she has created, the quality and efficiency is undeniable.

With everything a bit upside down right now due to the Coronavirus, Laura has truly been a lifesaver. She's always up for the challenge and always goes above and beyond to make sure we're happy at the end of the day.

Emily Taylor


It’s always a bit nerve-racking to put complete faith and trust in someone to represent your brand. I’ve worked with Laura on multiple remote projects where she’s gone above and beyond, from conceptualization to final product. She asks the right questions and responds well to feedback, exemplifying the type of photographer we’d hire over and over again.

Christina Scott
St Francis House

Like anyone else who works at a homeless shelter,  I see firsthand how the stigma of addiction, mental health, and homelessness affect our guests. Working with someone new can always spike that anxiety, but when I saw Laura meet our guests where they are and talk with them, befriend them, and ease their anxieties around their "modeling" abilities - my hesitations melted away. 

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