Oct 2020 Newsletter

Hi friends,

It's been a while! So much has changed! I live in Tennessee now! The one thing keeping me sane during the pandemic has been making pictures. I've been shooting a lot more for myself this year, which is a welcome change to my routine. I wanted to share my most recent test shoot with model and actress Sandy Tejada with you all as an example of what I've been working on lately outside of client work. After a long, remote, spring and summer season, it felt fantastic to be back on a small set, working creatively, for no one other than ourselves. Full shoot here.

windswept hair
jean jacket on model

Sandy and I first met on a shoot for 90 Degree by Reflex. Her dedication and passion for her craft was instantly memorable. Plus she’s hilarious. When I was setting up a few last-of-New York-shoots, she was one of the first people I thought of to collaborate with. So we lined up a great crew (Norah Salazar on makeup, Nycayen Moore on hair, and Derek Reed on production) and booked a few hours at FD Studios in Astoria.

white blouse off shoulder

This shoot was the first test shoot either of us had done since the pandemic started. We decided to get a variety of content that could fit together, but could also act as stand-alone images in our portfolios. I sent her some jean jacket inspo images and we decided on a very simple wardrobe plan. The beginning of the shoot focused on a commercial look, and as the sun set, we amped up the drama in the hair and make up to match the mood.

Behind the scene hair and makeup masks

Creating safely during Covid is a huge priority to me and the people I work with. We made sure everyone had masks and access to hand sanitizer during the shoot, and the studio we booked had plenty of space for us to distance further than 6 feet when we weren’t working directly with our model. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved for keeping each other safe and for working hard to make this shoot come together.

So what do you, the viewer of this email, think of this newsletter? Did you like the behind-the-scenes into my process? Would you like me to get more abstract in your inbox? How often do you want to hear from me via email? I could just send you a new picture of my cat every day if it would comfort you? Here's one anyway :)


Okay xoxo love to you all - Laura

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